Why Kenya is becoming the gateway for East African AI market?

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Why Kenya is becoming the gateway for East African AI market?

Kenya has become one of the leading players in Eastern Africa, in terms of adopting emerging technologies like AI and Blockchain. According to a recent research by the PricewaterhouseCoopers, it is reported that by the end of 2030, the AI market will contribute 15.7 trillion USD to the world’s GDP, out of which 1.2 trillion USD will be from African countries.

Kenya has already started its journey to the world of emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and is becoming a gateway for technologies to enter the Eastern African countries.

Eastern African countries had shown tremendous improvements in their economy during the last few years. The Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will be driven by the emerging technologies are going to be in favour of Africa.

However, the East African Countries must have to deal with their infrastructure issues. The ease of doing businesses like favourable government policies, telecommunication facilities, transportation, investment potential, legal frameworks etc. will play a major role in the Industry 4.0 Revolution. Unfortunately, most of these countries are lacking on the aforementioned.

Kenya as a nation has the potential to provide the basic infrastructure facilities for emerging technologies compared to other East African countries. They have started building a team to transform the nation to become the AI hub for East Africa and even for the whole African continent. Unlike the other countries in Africa, Kenya was enormously benefited from the Third Industrial Revolution in terms of advanced Information and Communication facilities.

Recently, the Kenyan Government has appointed an 11 member Distributed Ledger and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce to enforce the President, Uhuru Kenyatta’s ‘Big Four’ strategies for 2022.

Big Four Strategies

The Expansion of manufacturing sector, affordable housing, affordable healthcare and food security are the four pillars of the Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration strategy. He had promised to employ his time, energy and resources to the achievement of the ‘Big 4’ and believes that technology will be a major driver for delivering his Big Four plan for the country’s growing economy.

11 Member Distributed Ledger and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce

With AI technology poised to hit the mainstream, the government has appointed an 11 member Distributed Ledgers and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce to lead the country’s vision to achieve the Big 4 strategy. The team is led by the renowned ICT champion and the former Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Information and Communications, Dr Bitange Ndemo, who aims to build a comprehensive road map for the effective application and integration of these technologies across diverse sectors in Kenya.

He is also a popular icon in the African continent, who always stood for the welfare of Africans and helped several African nations in their strategy formation for the cooperation between nations.

Along with him, honourable Michael Onyango, Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology, Government of Kenya is also a part of the Taskforce. He is a key decision maker under the Government of Kenya for Blockchain, AI and innovation and is also experienced in framing strategies for regulatory communications and public affairs in Sub Saharan Africa.

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Together both Bitange and Michael are exploring the opportunities of emerging technologies for the betterment of Kenya and making Kenya an AI hub for the East African countries. Meanwhile, they both will be addressing the world’s biggest AI show series’ (World AI Show) debut launch in Nairobi, Africa. It’s the most opportune moment for the AI industry leaders and thought leaders to explore the opportunities in Kenya as well as Eastern Africa. There could not have been a better time to debut in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2018, Kenya was ranked 61 on the ease of doing business among the 193 nations in the world. In just two years, the country has jumped 31 spots to join the list of the most improved nations.

Earlier when Kenyan President Kenyatta hosted the high-powered US trade delegation at State House, Nairobi, he told that Kenya should not be considered as a single market as it serves as a gateway to the entire Eastern African market. Undoubtedly, Kenya will play a major role in encouraging and assisting other countries in the region to associate with investors with great opportunities.

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